2.0 5-in-1 Red & Blue Light Therapy Wand

Elevate your skincare routine with the Pura Beauty 2.0 Light Therapy Wand – the next level in at-home rejuvenation! Featuring both red and blue light therapy, this upgraded wand caters to a spectrum of skin needs. The addition of a convenient on/off button enhances your control for a seamless experience. Illuminate your path to radiant skin effortlessly!

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Blue Light Benefits

Blue light therapy works wonders on the skin by penetrating into the pores and targeting acne-causing bacteria. This effective wavelength stimulates the production of oxygen radicals, which help eliminate harmful bacteria, promoting a clearer complexion. Incorporating our Pura Beauty 2.0 Light Therapy Wand with Blue Light into your skincare routine can be a game-changer, offering a natural and non-invasive way to combat acne and boost skin radiance.

Red Light Benefits

Red light therapy, a key feature of our Pura Beauty 2.0 Light Therapy Wand, harnesses the power of specific wavelengths to penetrate the skin, promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation. This non-invasive treatment accelerates the healing process, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating cellular repair, red light therapy helps achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion. Make the most of your skincare routine with the benefits of red light therapy.

Full Benefits
Stimulates collagen production: Red light therapy has been shown to boost collagen synthesis in the skin, leading to improved elasticity and firmness. This can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a more youthful complexion.
 Enhances skin texture: Regular use of the red light therapy wand can promote cellular rejuvenation and improve skin texture. It helps smooth out rough patches, refine pores, and create a smoother and more even skin surface.
 Evens out skin tone: The red light wavelengths emitted by the wand can help reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It can fade dark spots, sunspots, and acne scars, leading to a more balanced and radiant complexion.
 Boosts blood circulation: Red light therapy stimulates blood flow in the skin, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This increased circulation can contribute to a healthier complexion and a natural glow. 
 Reduces inflammation: The red light wavelengths have anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm skin redness, irritation, and inflammation. It is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. 
 Accelerates healing: Red light therapy can aid in the healing process of damaged skin. It can help reduce the downtime of acne breakouts, post-treatment redness, and other skin irritations. 
 Promotes overall skin health: By stimulating cellular activity and supporting the skin's natural functions, the red light therapy wand contributes to overall skin health. It helps maintain a balanced and resilient skin barrier, protecting against environmental aggressors and promoting a youthful appearance.
Blue Light Brilliance: Targets acne-causing bacteria, aiding in the prevention and treatment of breakouts. 
Clarifies and Calms: Soothes inflammation and redness, promoting an even and calm skin tone. 
Oil Control: Helps regulate sebum production, contributing to a balanced complexion. 
Revitalizing Radiance: Enhances skin clarity and luminosity, revealing a revitalized and healthy-looking glow.
 Skin Defense: Supports the skin's natural defense mechanisms against environmental stressors. 
Modern Tech, Timeless Beauty: Experience the futuristic benefits of blue light for timeless skincare.

how to use
Step 1: Wash and dry your face so you start with freshly cleansed skin. 
 Step 2: Apply a thin layer of the Dewy Complexion Serum (or your favorite conductive gel) to prep your skin for the Wand.
 Step 3: Press the button up or down to turn on and to change light colors. Glide the Wand across your face in an upward and outward motion, slowly covering your forehead, cheeks, under eyes, jaw, neck, and upper lip. You can use small strokes in each area or long strokes up your neck and face. Relax and repeat for 5 minutes a day, three times a week and enjoy your new glow.
Not indicated for individuals who have a condition with photosensitivity like lupus or who are on medications that make them photosensitive.

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